A Comprehensive Solution to Blocked Drains

Does your property show signs of a potential blocked drain? Ad-Hoc Plumbers is your all-inclusive solution to blocked drains in Pretoria! We can assist with drain camera inspections and water-jetting solutions to clear out any blockages that cause issues on your property. Ad-Hoc Plumbers also offers emergency plumbing services to accommodate your plumbing needs – no matter the time of day. Today, we discuss our approach to blocked drains and the various solutions that we can deliver for our customers.

Identifying the Problem and its Location

When dealing with a blocked drain, it is smart to identify the specific problem that is causing the block and accurately pinpointing its location to come up with an accommodating solution. Blocked drains can be caused by collapsed pipeline sections, faulty pipeline connections, damaged pipes, or waste accumulation. By utilising our drain camera inspection services, we can accurately locate the problematic area and establish an understanding of the problem at hand – at which point, we can apply a feasible solution. The solution is dependent on the problem itself, and usually includes either replacing the faulty section or water jetting the block.

Pressure Jetting Drains and Stormwater Drains

Spring is around the corner, and along with Spring, comes the rain. Therefore, it is pivotal to ensure that your property’s stormwater drain does not have any blockages. Otherwise, the rainwater will stay stagnant on your property and not properly drain away. Water jetting is a clever and effective method of clearing blocked drains and stormwater drains when waste and junk are blocking the system. This method should not be considered when dealing with a pipe leak or a faulty connection, as the increased pressure will only worsen the problem.

The concept of water jetting is simple – fire a highly pressurised stream of water directly into the pipeline to penetrate and clear out a blockage that is caused by waste accumulation. Ad-Hoc Plumbers has a trailer that is fitted with 3 water-jetting machines to clear out blocked drains and underground pipelines with ease. Once the waste accumulation has been penetrated, the waste is flushed through the system to ensure that the drain is clean and functioning.

When you have any blocked drains or stormwater drain concerns on your property, Ad-Hoc Plumbers is your solution in Pretoria! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available plumbing services and contact information and keep your drains block-free with us on your side!

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