General Plumbing

Adhoc Plumbers

  • This includes draining of flooded areas and a Honey Sucker for Septic Tank Pumping
  • Complexes, Flats, boarding houses, holiday houses, etc. often have problems with the availability of hot water. Heat Pumps are installed and connected to relieve this burden.
  • A Geyser Wire is an instrument connected to Geysers to regulate the heating to enable the saving of electricity and the availability of hot water at peak times for all households, boarding and rental units as well as companies.
  • Our services include the installation and repair of pumps across all sizes and brands of pump systems, including but not limited to sewerage lift pumps, grey water pumps, portable water pumps in both large and small scale, as well as solar water heating systems.
  • Water Meters enables the user to submit the correct readings and control expenditure.

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