Water Leak Detection Solutions in Pretoria

Are you looking for a solution to professional water leak detection services in Pretoria? Ad-Hoc Plumbers is your answer! We can detect and repair water leaks for commercial, domestic, and industrial buildings and structures, and can also assist with outdoor water leak detection services. Ad-Hoc Plumbers also offers a holistic selection of plumbing services that includes solar geyser installations and repairs, as well as 24/7 emergency plumbing services. In this article, we discuss water leaks and the initial signs of a potential leak at your property.

How Do I Know If There is a Water leak?

In some cases, water leaks are obvious – where you can hear the pipes dripping water after running a tap for a while or see water damage in the walls. A drop in water pressure can also suggest that the pressurised system has sprung a leak. Our professional water leak detection services can accurately pinpoint the location of such a leak and allow us to repair the specific section of pipeline to minimise costs and ensure that your water pressure can return to normal.

How Can Water Leaks be Accurately Detected?

Ad-Hoc Plumbers utilise 3 distinct methods of water leak detection. Acoustic imaging uses sound to resonate through the pipeline and detect any leaks in the system correspondingly. Gas imaging is suitable for outdoor usage and is used for visual water leak detection. Thermal imaging is an ideal method to measure surface temperatures and detect leaks underneath concrete slabs, in walls and ceilings, and behind or underneath tiles surfaces. These 3 methods can accurately determine water leaks at your premises and can also be used to locate commercial, domestic, and municipal pipelines.

The Benefits of Accurate Water Leak Detection

There are several benefits to accurate water leak detection. These include saving money and time on costly future repairs, where a leak can cause a burst pipe or geyser. Accurate leak detection also ensures that only the damaged section(s) can be dug up and repaired as opposed to digging up entire pipelines to find the leak manually. As a result, accurate water leak detection can work to your benefit and save money and time when dealing with a water leak. It can also be used to monitor any potential leaks that might occur down the line.

Ad-Hoc Plumbers is your first choice when it comes to water leak detection in Pretoria! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available plumbing services and contact us directly when dealing with plumbing emergencies.

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