Your Answer to a Professional Drain Cleaning Company

Do you need a professional drain cleaning company for your property’s drainage system? Ad-Hoc Plumbers is your answer in Pretoria! With 2024 in full swing, your worries should not include the plumbing or the drains at your property. Rather let us take care of it for you with our drain camera inspections and high-pressure water-jetting services. We can also assist with drain pipeline repairs and section replacements. In this article, we discuss our approach to drain cleaning services and what you can expect from us in 2024.

Professional Drain Camera Inspections

As a drain cleaning company, drain camera inspections can assist us in detecting any blockages or damage throughout the pipelines at your property – allowing us to accurately pinpoint the problematic area and address the problem accordingly. This service can be applied to sewers, drains, and blocked underground pipelines. It can also be used to identify collapsed sections of a drain, as well as faulty connections and soil drops that can potentially become a collection point for waste and refuse. Early detection can prevent major repairs and disasters from occurring in the foreseeable future – giving you peace of mind that your drainage system will work as intended.

Professional Drain Unblocking Services

After performing a thorough drain camera inspection, a corresponding course of action can be taken to resolve the problem and reestablish proper draining functionality. If a pipeline section has collapsed, that section should be dug up and replaced. However, if you are dealing with a blocked drain, you can consider high-pressure water-jetting services to penetrate the block and flush the debris through the system.

As a professional drain cleaning company in Pretoria, Ad-Hoc Plumbers takes several precautions when repairing a damaged pipeline or unblocking a blocked pipeline to ensure that we do not cause any unnecessary additional damage to the pipeline or adjacent structures. Our water-jetting methods are in line with the NBR 0400 and SANS 10252-2 Standards to give you peace of mind that our services will result in optimal solutions. We specialise in above- and underground drainage system installations as well to ensure that your property can efficiently dispose of and redistribute wastewater and rainwater.

When you need a professional drain cleaning company in Pretoria, your answer is Ad-Hoc Plumbers! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available plumbing services and contact us directly when dealing with a plumbing emergency. Ad-Hoc Plumbers is your solution to all your plumbing problems in 2024!

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