Your Answer to Comprehensive Plumbing Services in Pretoria

When you require professional and comprehensive plumbing services in Pretoria, Ad-Hoc Plumbers is your answer! We can assist with residential, commercial, and industrial property solutions, as well as offer emergency plumbing services that are available around the clock – giving you peace of mind that we will be there in your time of need. We can also assist with flooded areas that were caused by burst pipes or geysers. In this article, we discuss our variety of plumbing services and what you can expect when choosing Ad-Hoc Plumbers for your plumbing needs.

Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Installations and Repairs

If you are a construction contractor and require professional plumbing solutions for your next big commercial or industrial construction project, Ad-Hoc Plumbers is your solution. We provide planning and quotations in advance to give you a good idea of what to expect from our services. Our quotations can include pipeline work, bathroom installations, toilet installations, faucets, showers, and formal presentations to get the approval of your customers. We can also provide quotations for large-scale repairs and maintenance for both commercial and industrial properties.

Ad-Hoc Plumbers can assist with geyser installations, repairs, and replacements for commercial and industrial properties, with corresponding accreditation to ensure that your property can be issued with COC certificates. We are accredited with most insurance companies as well and offer resultant damage repair solutions for your property as part of our holistic plumbing services. We ensure that our geyser services comply with SANS 10254 standards and can also assist with the repair and installation of pressure valves in high-pressure water main systems. This applies to commercial buildings that require an increase in water pressure to ensure accommodating water flow over long distances.

Solar Geyser Installations and Repairs

Most people in South Africa are looking for alternative ways of energy generation, as the main power grid can be unstable and loadshedding can put a damper on our supply of hot water throughout a regular day. As part of our plumbing services, Ad-Hoc Plumbers can provide feasible solutions to solar geyser installations and repairs, as well as geyser wire installations, to give you full control over the hot water in your home and when your geysers should be turned on or off, dependent on your specific needs. As a result, your property can provide hot water during peak times and ensure hot water while the main power grid is down.

Ad-Hoc Plumbers is your first choice when it comes to professional plumbing services and plumbing emergencies at your property in Pretoria. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available services and contact us today if you require professional plumbers at your home or commercial/industrial property.

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