Your Solution to Blocked Drains in Pretoria

Blocked drains can cause a variety of plumbing issues at home or your place of business. Luckily, Ad-Hoc Plumbing can provide solutions to blocked drains for both household and commercial applications in Pretoria! We also offer emergency and disaster plumbing services that are available around the clock to ensure that we can be there whenever you need us. Today, we discuss our approach to drain blockage and inspection to give you accommodating solutions!

Drain Camera Inspections

Ad-Hoc Plumbing is your answer to drain camera inspections that could potentially identify various problems in your drain and pipes, including the location of a blockage, pipe damage, faulty connections, and collapsed sections. With early detection, you can avoid any future problems such as blocked drains or bursting pipes, as well as steer clear of any unnecessary interruptions or operation failures that could cause larger problems. Our drain camera inspection services can be invaluable and deliver useful plumbing solutions for water pressure drops, leak detection, and locating blockages.

Drain Unblocking Services

Ad-Hoc Plumbing can deliver a broad and extensive approach to blocked drains – equipped to handle septic or French blocked drains with the accommodating equipment to avoid damage to the drainage lines. Our unblocking methods meet the criteria of the NBR 0400 and SANS 10252-2 Standards to give you peace of mind that we can deliver quality and effective solutions to accommodate your needs.

We specialise in installing above-ground and underground drainage systems that can be useful for wastewater and rainwater drainage solutions on your premises – whether at home or your place of business. Our team can provide solutions for high-rise water mains and sewer systems for buildings that feature multiple floors, as well as installing stormwater and freshwater booster pumps to address low-pressure areas throughout your plumbing system.

Water jetting is one of the most effective methods of clearing blocked drains. Ad-Hoc Plumbing has 3 water jetting machines that are employed on site to clear any internal blockages in your drain. High-pressure cleaners, such as water jets, are useful when it comes to clearing an interior pipe or drain blockage, as the applied pressure forces the blockage to dissolve and push the debris through the system. These machines are also useful for clearing fat traps that could occur in your pipelines.

When you need a solution to blocked drains in Pretoria and the surrounding areas, choose Ad-Hoc Plumbing today! We offer quality and professional drain inspection and water-jetting solutions to ensure that we can provide our clients with corresponding solutions. Feel free to contact us today when you need a plumbing solution!

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