Your Answer to Geyser Replacements in Pretoria


Does your property need geyser replacements? Ad-Hoc Plumbers is your first choice in Pretoria! We offer a holistic approach to plumbing services that includes geyser repair and replacements, leak detection services, and drain unblocking services to only name a few. We also offer emergency plumbing services to ensure that you have a solution when faced with an emergency, no matter the time of day. In this article, we discuss geyser replacements and repairs and what you can expect when choosing Ad-Hoc Plumbers for your plumbing needs.

Geyser Repairs, Replacements, and Damage Repairs

Ad-Hoc Plumbers is an accredited plumbing service provider with most insurance companies in South Africa. Our comprehensive range of geyser-related services covers geyser replacements and repairs that are aligned with SANS 10254 standards. These services include the installation and replacement of pressure valves as well – guaranteeing the best possible performance from your geysers and making it possible for COC certificate issuing. Therefore, if you ever face a geyser-related issue, you can trust that Ad-Hoc Plumbers has a solution for you.

Accommodating Geyser Services

Ad-Hoc Plumbers can assist with geyser wire installations that can pair well with geyser replacements. A geyser wire connects to your geysers and allows you to control and regulate the heating process of your geysers. This allows you to save money on your electric bill and ensure that hot water is available throughout peak times at your property. This instrument is especially handy in large households, rental units, and business properties.

Solar geysers are becoming increasingly popular among South Africans that are tired of dealing with constant loadshedding and power grid failures. Ad-Hoc Plumbers offers solar geyser replacements, repairs, and installations – with every basic element that such a system needs on our trucks to ensure that we can deliver fast turnaround times. Our team is qualified and experienced to set up and install a solar geyser system that suits the specific needs of your property – utilising solar power generation to create hot water as opposed to relying on the power grid as a primary source of electricity.

Ad-Hoc Plumbers is your first choice when it comes to geyser replacements and repairs in Pretoria! We also offer solar geyser and geyser wire solutions to help you save money and overcome the woes of loadshedding and power failures. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available plumbing services and contact us today with any enquiries. Have peace of mind when it comes to plumbing at your property with Ad-Hoc Plumbers in your corner!

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