Your Solution to 24/7 Plumbing Services in Pretoria and Surrounding Areas

When you need plumbers who can assist you, no matter the time of day, Ad-Hoc Plumbing is your answer in Pretoria and the surrounding areas! We can assist with commercial and industrial plumbing installations and repairs, drain unblocking, drain camera inspection, water leak detection, solar installation and repairs, and general plumbing issues that can occur at home. Today, we discuss our wide range of plumbing services and what you can expect when choosing us!

About Ad-Hoc Plumbing

We established our business in 2003 – with the primary purpose of delivering customer-centric plumbing services to the best of our ability. We provide a spectrum of plumbing services to ensure that we meet the specific needs of our clients – delivering a 24/7 solution to give you peace of mind that we will be there, whenever you need us. Ad-Hoc Plumbing’s motto, “We care”, motivates us to deliver top-quality solutions for our clients – setting us apart from our competition. We also employ a Quality Management System to ensure that we deliver a high standard of workmanship to fulfil our commitment to our clients.

Water Leak Detection

As part of our comprehensive selection of plumbing services, Ad-Hoc plumbing can assist you with professional water leak detection solutions. We utilise 3 methods of leak detection, including acoustic, thermal, and gas. Thermal imaging and acoustic identification are used for in-house applications, while gas identification is used for exterior pipes. Our methods of water leak detection can be useful for identifying and isolating pipe leaks, as well as monitoring and measuring unintentional entry or escape of liquids or gasses. If your water pressure is lower than usual, it could be caused by a leak. Luckily, Ad-Hoc Plumbing can identify the exact location of the leak and get to work to fix it for you.

General Plumbing Services

We offer general plumbing services that cover basic and rudimentary plumbing solutions such as draining flooded areas, geyser issues, water pump solutions, and water meter installations. Ad-Hoc Plumbing can assist with emergency or disaster plumbing services for when the geyser bursts in the middle of the night and causes a flood, for example. Therefore, you can rest assured that we have you covered, no matter your plumbing issue or what time it is!

When you need professional and top-quality plumbing services in Pretoria and the surrounding areas, choose Ad-Hoc Plumbing to get the job done in fashionable time! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available plumbing services and contact us directly when you need our assistance!

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