Professional Solar Geyser Installations for Your Property in Pretoria

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If you want a comprehensive solution to a solar geyser installation at your property in Pretoria, Ad-Hoc Plumbers is your first choice. We offer a holistic approach to various plumbing services that include leak detection, geyser repairs/installations, and various maintenance solutions. We also offer emergency plumbing services on a 24/7 basis and can assist with clearing up flooded areas that were caused by pipe or geyser bursts. In this article, we focus on solar geyser installations, repairs, and maintenance for your property.

Why Should I Consider a Solar-Powered Geyser Solution for My Property?

There are several good reasons for considering a solar geyser installation for your property. Not only are we constantly dealing with loadshedding woes in South Africa, but we also must deal with constant power grid failures consequently. Whether you want a solar-powered solution at home or at your commercial or industrial property, Ad-Hoc Plumbers can design and install a system that would specifically serve your requirements. No matter your specific needs or budget, we can come up with a corresponding design that fits your preferences.

What Can I Expect from Ad-Hoc Plumbers?

Ad-Hoc Plumbers can deliver a solar geyser installation that can provide your property with hassle-free access to hot water – no matter the current state of the power grid. Our teams are fully equipped with all the essentials of such a system to come up with a feasible solution to suit your needs. Our teams are qualified and experienced to give you peace of mind that your solar-powered geyser will function properly and at maximum potential. We also offer solar geyser repairs and maintenance solutions to ensure that your system stays functional for the foreseeable future.

Ad-Hoc Plumbers can also assist with geyser wire installations to give you more control over your geysers and their power usage. A geyser wire allows you to control the temperatures of the water inside the geyser, as well as when your geyser should turn on and off – providing hot water on peak times for your property. A combination of geyser wire and a solar-powered geyser system will give you the means to save on monthly utility bills, with complete control over water and electricity usage for your geysers.

Ad-Hoc Plumbers is your first choice when it comes to solar geyser installations for your property in Pretoria. Please browse our website for details on our available plumbing services and contact us directly when you need an emergency plumber. Our emergency services are available around the clock, 7 days a week.

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